Jerusalem Bay, a tranquil anchorage in wilderness. Barrenjoey headland makes a fine anchorage off a beautiful beach. Hungry Beach and Little Pittwater are comfortable and scenic anchorages. The Basin and Coaster's Retreat are popular picnic and mooring sites. Refuge Bay and America Bay are in the heart of the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park. Hallet's Beach and Cottage Rock are great spots to entertain wildlife. Pittwater has marinas, yacht charter companies and supplies for all kinds of water related sports. Offshore sailing opportunities. Yeoman's Bay and Castle Lagoon in the heart of the Ku-Ring-Gai National Park. Akuna Bay Marina and anchorages Cowan Creek winds from Cottage Point to the National Park headquarters at Bobbin Head The entrance to Brisbane Water has beautiful beaches and a national park but a tricky entrance Brooklyn Marina is a short walk from the mail railway line to Sydney. Pittwater is a natural, smooth, sailboat racing area. Cottage Point, a great place to get supplies and have an excellent meal. Smith's Creek - deep, calm, wildeness.

Click on a name on the map to discover more about each location but first, here are 10 Reasons why the Broken Bay, Pittwater, and Cowan Creek waterways offer the best yacht charters and sailing schools opportunities in Australia, and perhaps the entire world.

1. Sydney

Less than an hour's drive from Sydney means you have access to the entertainment and excitement of Australia's most exciting city.

It is quick and easy to get to Broken Bay from the International Airport. Enjoy Sydney's many charms either coming to, returning from or in the middle of your chartering holiday.

You could, for example, sail all day in Broken Bay, anchor near Brooklyn in the afternoon, walk 200 metres to a train station, take a 45 minute train ride to the Sydney Opera House, party till late, and take the train back to your yacht again.


No other yacht chartering locations in Australia are so close to such a rich and varied entertainment environment.

2. Protected Waters

You'll be taking a chance with the weather no matter where you go to charter. If you arrive in Queensland's Whitsunday Islands and it's blowing 30 knots with gray skies you're in big trouble because the cruising there gets pretty bumpy when the weather turns bad.

In Pittwater and Cowan waters you'll be able to enjoy the wind without the downside of big waves. You'll soar over flat calm water and anchor in hundreds of locations without the slightest trace of a swell in any kind of weather.

Of course if you WANT to experience big seas, just nip out into the open ocean any time you like, day or night. This is one of the easiest ports to enter and leave from in Australia as there is no bar to cross, no dangerous offshore reefs and great navigational aids.

You won't get bored sailing back and forth in a little bay either. The Pittwater-Broken Bay-Cowan Waters Cruising grounds has a total of 36.8 nautical miles of protected sailing waters not counting the Hawkesbury River and Brisbane Waters that are not accessible with a masted vessel.

So if you are coming from far away in time or space you'll appreciate knowing your sailing course or bareboat charter will be possible even in the unlikely event that the weather is not the best.

3. Security

You don't have to worry about terrorists or thieves or thugs. Firstly, because the crime rate in Australia is one of the lowest in the the world and there are no armies of religious fanatics or lunatic political activists gunning for rich tourists.

Secondly, the whole Pittwater, Cowan, Hawkesbury area is either protected wilderness or surrounded by wealthy people living in upper class suburbs. Aussies are basically very nice and easy going people - but can get pretty stroppy when it comes to looking out for their own communities. Their concerned alertness protects you as well.


4. Safety and Health

Your personal health and safety are protected in two ways. First, the rescue and emergency services are really excellent in the Sydney region. If anyone on your charter vessel has an accident or a health problem, the paramedics will be there in minutes. You will be in the hands of the best medical specialists and most advanced hospitals in the world - by helicopter if necessary - without delay. This could save your life or the life of your loved ones.

Second, there are strict standards and regulations on all commercial and private water craft. The vessel you charter will be in survey and that means it will be safe and in good condition. Also, there is quite a bit of competition for boat charters in the area and yacht charter companies keep their craft in good shape.

5. Recreational Waters

Pittwater is a recreational, not a commercial port. Unlike Sydney Harbour with its heavy traffic of commercial vessels, ships and ferries, Broken Bay waterways are crowded with pleasure boats and bordered with clean beaches and people enjoying a relaxed vacation lifestyle.

If you enjoy a good race, there are plenty of opportunities to exercise your skills or to learn new sailing techniques from experienced and enthusiastic racers. Pittwater and Broken Bay are popular race courses because of the consistent winds and flat seas. There are hundreds of racing enthusiasts in boats of all sizes, from prams to maxies and sometimes it seems as if they are all racing together. It's great fun.

6. Huge selection of anchorages

There are hundreds of places to spend the night ranging from the total quiet of a beautiful wilderness location to right in front of a popular disco.

You can BBQ aboard, have a picnic ashore, call for a pizza or dine out in some of the best restaurants in the world.

There are moorings available nearly everywhere you go so you'll almost never have to drop the hook.

7. Surf & Swim Beaches

There are not many places in the world where you can anchor the yacht, dinghy ashore, and stroll past a lovely golf course onto a world class surf beach.

The water is clear and the waves are perfect for everything from body surfing to competition wave riding.

Most of the 23 northern beaches, are patrolled by life guards. Palm Beach, shown on the left of this photo is where the famous TV series Home and Away is filmed.

Kuring-Gai 8. Wilderness Walks

The Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park forms the centre piece of the Broken Bay, Cowan, Pittwater cruising grounds and is one of 10 national parks and nature reserves in the area.

There are access trails that come down from the high sandstone ridges to the sheltered anchorages. You'll discover ancient petroglyphs (rock carvings) and caves with hand prints and shell middens from the Kur-Ring-Gai Aboriginal people who lived here for thousands of years. You'll see Wallabies in the early morning and bandicoots in the evening. The wildflowers are stunning and the bird life exotic and colourful.

Lion Island guards the entrance to Broken Bay 9. Activities

There are a host of activities available from voyages on square riggers to sea plane rides. You can shop in modern air conditioned shopping malls, see the latest movies in luxury entertainment centres, take a tour, go dancing, visit a beautiful lighthouse, fish for a surprising range of fish, scuba dive on wrecks or have a close underwater encounter with a Sea Dragon. Or, simply stay aboard your charter yacht with your friends and relax in style.

A Club Sail bareboat charter heads out into the fleet for a day of easy sailing.10. Good Yachts and Friendly Service.

Because Pittwater and Broken Bay are perfect for sailing instruction and bare boat charters there is a large fleet of commercial yachts available all year. The fleet and sailing schools are primarily supported by local clientele from Sydney and they thrive on repeat business. This means there are top notch professional people involved and they buy the best gear and provide quality service. They look after visitors the same way they look after their local clients who return many times each year. This kind of personalized service is hard to come by in regions that survive on tourism alone.

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