What's on The Rocket Cruising Guide to Broken Bay

Broken Bay

Just What You Need

  • Interactive: Works on Window Computers and Tablets
    and MacIntosh Computers, not Ipads
  • Easy and Fun to use
  • Internet not required (after activation)
  • Trustworthy: Aerial Survey Photocharts
  • Complete: Coverage of All Broken Bay
  • 50+ high resolution color images
  • 40 personally surveyed anchorages
  • Icon menu to instantly:
    Rocket anywhere in 2 clicks, Go Back,
    See a Vertical View, Overlay Names
    Overlay Chart Information, Fishing, Parks,
    Points of Interest, Help.

On The All Broken Bay View

  • Quick overview of What's Where
  • Names of Features
  • Location and one-click access to anchorage charts
  • Photo Chart of Depths
  • Park Summaries and Boundaries
  • Fishing Spots
  • Points of Interest
cruising guide Broken Bay
Central Region of Broken Bay

Finding Broken Bay

  • Aerial View Sydney to Broken Bay
  • Detailed driving directions
  • Shuttle Buses
  • Municipal Buses
  • Taxis
  • Car Rentals

Boating Safety

  • Boating Safety Tips
  • Before You Go
  • NSW Boating Regulations
  • Avoiding Collision Regulations
  • Navigation Aids and Markers
  • Emergency Protocols
  • Environmental Regulations
  • Waterways Contacts
Efate Island
Port Vila

Point/Click to Go There

  • Use the Zoom To from all pages.
  • Point and Click on the map to zoom in.
  • Access any anchorage in two clicks.

On the 20 Regional Charts

  • Aerial Photo View
  • Chart View with Depths
  • Navigational markers and lights
  • Currents
  • Names of points and bays
  • Point and click access to anchorage charts
  • Parks
  • Fishing Hot Spots
  • Moorings
  • Points of Interest
Navigation on the Rocket Guide
Isle of Pines

On the Anchorage Charts

  • Aerial Photo View
  • Chart View with Depths
  • Approach photos
  • Navigational markers and lights
  • Currents
  • Names of points and bays
  • Parks and trails
  • Fishing Hot Spots
  • Moorings and Facilities
  • Points of Interest

Park Information

  • Walking Trails
  • Park facilites
  • Park regulations
  • Photos of highlights
Isle of Pines
Ilot Brosse anchorage

On Anchorage Sailing Direction Views

  • Approaches to the anchorage(s)
  • Leads, markers, bearings, dangers
  • Photos of approaches
  • Photos of the anchorage(s)
  • Protection from Winds
  • Anchorage depths / moorings
  • Bottom type and holding conditions
  • Depth contours and soundings
  • Exposure to Swell
  • Location names
  • Boat Ramps and Marinas


  • Instant tide chart
Ilot Brosse anchorage

Don't Miss Out

Responsive imageSY Cecilie

"I can't praise you highly enough for the absolutely marvelous job you have done with the cruising guide. Can't help thinking about how ALL yachts visiting Broken Bay can be convinced that your guide is an absolute MUST. If they don't have it they don't know how much they will miss out."

Captain Per Rold S/Y Cecilie