NSW Marine Weather Forecasts


NSW Climate

The climate in the Broken Bay area is one of the nicest in all of Australia and the weather forecasting system is absolutely first rate.

If the weather does take a turn for the worse, just snuggle up at one of the many totally protected calm anchorages and enjoy mother nature's enthusiasm.

Sydney is a temperate climate moderated by the warm southerly flowing Australian Current. Typically, a series of cold fronts moves across New South Wales at about a 5 day interval bringing NE winds just before the front followed by SW winds that shift rapidly to the SE and East. In the austral winter, from May to October, the fronts tend to be more severe and can bring cool weather (but never freezing). Springtime tends to last from October until late December and it is generally a very pleasant time for sailing. January to April are the summer months, a time for lots of swimming and ice-cold drinks. When westerly winds blow in off the desert it gets very hot, but this is usually only for a day or two until the winds shift back to the cool ocean breezes. May to June bring variable weather conditions, from calms to strong SE winds, but extremely nice temperatures.


www.bom.gov.au is THE site with all of the information you could possibly want for planning a visit to Broken Bay. Their data range from long term climate information to actual real-time radar images showing the exact location and movement of any approaching weather system.


The local coast guard and coastal patrol stations broadcast weather bulletins at regular intervals and at any time on request, first sending a "Hello all ships" notice on Ch. 16 and then changing to a working frequency. Coast Guard Radio Sydney VIN333 24hrs VHF 16, 67, 73, 81

Cottage Point VJN322 Weekends and public holidays 0700 to sunset. VHF 16, 67, 73,81.

Royal Volunteer Coastal Radio Sydney VMR212 24 hours. Friday to Sunday VHF 16, 67, 73, 81

Broken Bay VMR213 1900 Friday to sunset Sunday. VHF 16-67-73 Hawkesbury VMR214 1900 Friday to sunset Sunday. VHF 16-67-73

Pentacomstat NSW weather on VHF 67 at 07:25, 11:25, and 16:25