Fishing Broken Bay, Pittwater, Cowan Creek,
and the Hawkesbury River

broken bay sydney

Legendary Fishing

Broken Bay offers an astonishing number of sites for offshore, protected bay, and river fishing. Within these primary fishing zones you can bottom fish, drift fish, or troll for a wide range of species from marlin to squid. The great spots to fish are legend.
You can spend years exploring the natural wealth and beauty of these waterways.

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Offshore Fishing

    Few places in Australia offer such immediate access to good offshore fishing grounds. Within minutes of leaving the dock you're out the heads - no bar to worry about.
    If you feel like a break you can run back into a protected bay for lunch and then go straight back out again.

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calm sailing
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Calm Water Fishing

You can plan your fishing trip a long time in advance because no matter what the weather is doing you can find a good place to fish.
If it's blowing hard when you arrive, you can fish the Hawkesbury River or Cowan waters and if the weather is fine you can move offshore in a matter of minutes - and escape back into protected waters should the weather take a turn for the worse.

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Fishing Monthly

Fishing Monthly has reports on what's being caught in the Hawkesbury, Pittwater, Broken Bay and Cowan waters. Their site has a wealth of information on every aspect of fishing in New South Wales.

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Australian National Sportfishing Association

The Australian National Sportfishing Association represents the recreational fishing industry in Australia and has a very informative website with information on a wide range of recreational fishing subjects. Get Your Guide

Let's Go Fishing

The Cruising Guide to Broken Bay shows you the best places to anchor and fish with details on what you can catch where.